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    Flight Simulator X DEMO


    Weather Report Desktop Tool 

    Experience the incredible realism of Flight Simulator X as you fly through bright days and dark nights in a variety of conditions including lightning, rain, haze, and fog. Choose your plane and closest airport to receive current flight weather stats. Displays temperature, wind conditions, air pressure, visibility, and more.

    US only/Requires Windows XP


    Flight Simulator X Trial Version
    Updated 10/2/2006

    Download the updated Flight Simulator X trial version which includes two airports, two missions, and three different aircraft. All of the missions take place at St. Maarten in the Caribbean.


    Flour Power
    Plane: AirCreation Trike Ultralight
    Details: This mission has you behind the controls of an ultralight, a very easy to fly glider. The object of the mission is to drop sacks of flour attached to your ultralight onto various objects and targets scattered throughout the area surrounding St. Maarten. You'll be scored on both speed and accuracy. Try not to drop any flour on spectators or dolphins, as you'll be assessed a time penalty.

    Caribbean Landing
    Plane: Bombardier CRJ700
    Details: The most challenging of the three included in the trial version, this mission will essentially be a take-off and landing of a Bombardier CRJ700 in a technically challenging airport. You'll need to manage air traffic chatter and surrounding AI planes efficiently to succeed.

    Now available in five languages!

    DOWNLOAD English 817MB

    DOWNLOAD Spanish 819MB

    DOWNLOAD French 818MB

    DOWNLOAD German 820MB

    DOWNLOAD Italian 819MB

    DOWNLOAD Polish 816MB

    Flight Simulator X Screensaver

    Liven up your desktop while you're away with the Flight Simulator X screensaver, and in the process let everyone know where your thoughts wander. The screensaver features several breathtaking views taken straight from the game. To install, simply download the zip file to your desktop, unzip the exe file and then double-click it to install.


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